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A. Preparatory actions, elaboration of management plans

Action A1. Planning correction measures

Deliverable DA.1

Mar Menor

Deliverable DA.1

Ebro Delta

Deliverable DA.1


Deliverable DA.1


Deliverable DA.1


Deliverable DA.1


Deliverable DA.1


C. Conservation actions

Action C1. Installation of larvae collectors

Deliverable DC1.1

Report of recruited fan mussels in 2022

D. Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

Action D2. Follow up of resistant individuals

Deliverable DD2.1

Report the status of the followed individuals I

Action D5. Monitoring and evaluation of the impact of the project actions

Deliverable DD5.1

First Project Impact Report

E. Public awareness and dissemination of results

Action E1. Dissemination actions

Deliverable DE1.1


Deliverable DE1.6

Notice Board and Roller Up

Deliverable DE1.2

Pinnarca Mascot

Deliverable DE1.6

Notice Board and Roller up (Annex)

Deliverable DE1.3


Deliverable DE1.9

List of participants to the workshop

Deliverable DE1.4

Public Database

Deliverable DE1.5

10' video and a short video of 1-2'

Action E2. Transferability of the project results

Deliverable DE2.1

Specific Leaflets and Brochures

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