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Delivery of the first 'Silver Pinnarca' mascot in Mallorca

This July 19th of 2023 the IEO and IMEDEA from the Balearic Islands publicly thanked several entities that have actively collaborated in the project in several Mediterranean countries through the Silver Pinnarca, silver statuettes representing the mascot of the Life Pinnarca project. The Balearic Islands begin this public gratitude with the delivery of the first Silver Pinnarca to three Balearic entities: the Species Protection Service and the Maritime-Terrestrial National Park of the Archipelago of Cabrera of the Ministry of Environment and Territory, and the Marine Research and Aquaculture Laboratory (LIMIA) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

Here you can find all the information:

Study tour in Spain from Croatian partners

This 15 and 16th of June, four members of the Institute for Environment and Nature from the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Republic of Croatia visited Spain to see the current situation of the Pinna nobilis populations.

Their institution is currently implementing an ESI funded project, focusing on the mapping of coastal and benthic marine habitats in the Adriatic Sea under national jurisdiction.

During their study tour in Spain, they visited the IMEDMAR infrastructures in Calpe (Valencia) and IRTA (Catalunya) in order to learn about the situation of the Pinna nobilis population, the actions carried out and the progress and achievements during the LIFE PINNARCA (LIFE20-NAT/ES/001265). The guided visits were of their interest to acquire knowledge for keeping the study of coastal seabed, with special emphasis on the GIS system and the mapping techniques of places of interest such as marine reserves and SCI areas (Site of Community Importance).


2nd monitoring meeting of the LIFE PINNARCA

This 12th of May it was held the second monitoring meeting of the LIFE PINNARCA in Calpe (Valencia) and online for the partners who couldn’t attend. The aim of the meeting was following up of technical and economical aspects with NEEMO representative, who is the external figure responsible for monitoring LIFE Projects and Communicating about the LIFE Programme. Each partners updated the status of their actions in the project and the financial situation. Check out some moments of the meeting:

4th Follow-up Meeting

Held on the 27th of January of 2023, the team reviewed the advance of the project and made a short overview of the ongoing activities and actions in progress. The country for the next Meeting with NEEMO was selected and a next supervision meeting in March was scheduled.

Foto reunión LIFE_27-1-23.jpg

Online 3rd Technical Meeting


Held in the 19th of January of 2023, the team reviewed the advance of the project and discussed actions, progress, and deliverables. The meeting focused on the discussion and identification of optimal sites to perform conservation actions, which are of high importance to reach successful reintroductions/reinforcements in Pinna nobilis populations. Two kinds of situations for P. nobilis will be taken into account in this action, sanctuary areas (free of pathogen), and areas in the Mediterranean open sea (ideal for resistants).

“Restoration Programme of Pinna nobilis” Workshop in Tunis

This 20-21 June 2022 a regional workshop to discuss and validate the “Restoration Programme of Pinna nobilis has been held in Tunis, Tunisia. The event is organised by the Specially Protected Areas Regional Activity Centre (SPA/RAC), the biodiversity centre of UNEP Mediterranean Action Plan (UNEP/MAP) - Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment and the Coastal Region of the Mediterranean (Barcelona Convention).

Here you can find attached the draft "Restoration programme of Pinna nobilis" discussed during the workshop. One of the main objectives of the workshop is to complete the priorities and action required to attain the objective of the restoration programme of the fan mussel in the Mediterranean and the implementation timetable for the period 2023-2028. It has brought together scientists and representatives of Mediterranean environmental organisations which allowed an interesting round table discussion on the status of Pinna nobilis populations as a major closure.

programme workshop_tunis.jpg

 Official presentation of the LIFE PINNARCA Project and monitoring meeting with Neemo representative


The official presentation and press meeting of LIFE PINNARCA Project (LIFE 20-NAT/ES/001265) was held on the 28th of April of 2022 in Valencia (Spain). The Institute for Research in Environment and Marine Science of the Catholic University of Valencia (IMEDMAR-UCV) hosted the meeting in the Veles i Vents building in Valencia.

The overall goal of the project is to prevent the extinction of the Mediterranean fan mussel (Pinna nobilis) in the short-to-medium term. The project will carry out urgent measures within the framework of an international collaborative consortium of experts to enable the application of coherent trans-boundary measures.

In addition, you can find the LIFE PINNARCA presentation below (ENG/CAST):

In the afternoon, the partners visited the IMEDMAR-UCV marine station and started the following up meeting with Neemo representative, continuing the technical and economical review of the project:


Online kick-off Meeting

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