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School Visits

The IMEDMAR-UCV hosts many school visits in Calpe (Valencia), teaching students of all ages about the fan mussel and its importance in the ecosystem. Students also participate in several activities and learn about the other flora and fauna of the Mediterranean Sea. Schools have visited from various cities, including Valencia, Jávea, Benidorm, and more. Explore photos from those visits below.


Ecologists in Action of the Murcia Region is a non-profit organization that has been developing different environmental conservation campaigns and dissemination of environmental values for two decades, in what is called social ecology. These are mainly based on environmental training and volunteer actions that are convened regularly.

For the present project, the organization will be serving as a link between fishermen, schools, society and scientific entities that study the strategies for the protection of the highly threatened populations of Pinna nobilis on the coast of the Murcia region. Here you can find them doing some dissemination campaigns in primary and secondary schools in Murcia.

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