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UCV_IMEDMAR_24-5-2024_Days of scientific divulgation. Marine conservation and environment.

Conference in the "Days of scientific divulgation"

MAY 23 | 2024

José Rafael García March gave his conference "Update of Pinna nobilis status based on the results of the LIFE Pinnarca project" in the Days of scientific divulgation: Marine conservation and environment


LIFE PINNARCA is presented in the Klaipeda University in Lithuania

JANUARY 25 | 2024

IMEDMAR-UCV visited colleagues in the Baltic region to convey the project's objectives


Poster presentation at the BES Annual Meeting 2023

DECEMBER 29 | 2023

The poster showcased in Belfast aimed to globally raise awareness, with over 1,500 delegates participating


Volunteering for the search of the last fan mussels in the Mar Menor

DECEMBER 11 | 2023

CIMAR-UA and the Hippocampus Association, organized this volunteering day


UA-CIMAR leads a volunteer effort in the Mar Menor for the conservation of Pinna nobilis

NOVEMBER 27 | 2023

This November, a volunteer initiative in the Mar Menor focused on searching for P. nobilis


Attendance at the II Professional Fishing Conference of the Valencian Community

NOVEMBER 4 | 2023

José Tena (IMEDMAR-UCV) presented the project and the actions being carried out


Visit at the IMEDMAR of the Director General of Fisheries of the Valencian Regional Government

OCTOBER 31 | 2023

IMEDMAR welcomed Francisco J. Espinós Gutiérrez to the Calpe Marine Station for discussions about the project


IEO-CSIC participated in the “Research Night” in Palma de Mallorca

SEPTEMBER 29 | 2023

Two workshops were developed to reach a greater number of citizens, students, and various administrations


LIFE PINNARCA at the 21st International Conference on Diseases of Fish and Shellfish

SEPTEMBER 11-14 | 2023

UNINA presented “Phagocytosis based assay for an in vitro assessment of immunocompetence of the pen shell P. nobilis during Mass Mortality Events”


Poster presentation by UNINA in the XXVII National Congress SIPI 

JUNE 23 | 2023

Measuring immunocompetence to improve conservation efforts: an in vitro challenge of the hemocytes of Pinna nobilis from natural and captive individuals


13th Biologists’ professional conference cycle in Terres del Ebre

JUNE 2 | 2023

Dissemination of the initiatives and activities carried out by biologists who develop their activity in this location in Catalonia


2nd monitoring meeting of the LIFE PINNARCA

MAY 12 | 2023

Follow up meeting of technical and economical aspects with NEEMO representative

2023-03-24_jornada divulgacion-EEAAM.jpg

UPC students visited Ebro Delta to learn about the LIFE PINNARCA

APRIL 19 | 2023

Students from bachelor's degree in Marine Technologies explored how IRTA acquires field information in the project


RECUPERA PINNA Project closure talk

FEBRUARY 6 | 2023

Some PINNARCA involved researchers presented and discussed the completed RECUPERA PINNA project and the targets reached


Online 3rd Technical Meeting

JANUARY 19 | 2023

Held in January of 2023. Reviewed overall project and discussed 'Location of optimum sites' (action A.2.)


Dialogue table in the 'Oceanogràfic' #lamareadelcambio

DECEMBER 15 | 2022

Held on 15th December of 2022 in the Oceanogràfic of Valencia


NOVEMBER 3 | 2022

Alicante University organised a volunteering and citizen science activity to help find Pinna nobilis individuals


“La Nacra en el Mar Menor” talk

DECEMBER 16 | 2022

Informative talk for fishermen and high schools and dissemination of the project in Murcia


Visit to Greece

JUNE | 2022

Meeting with the Agricultural University of Athens in June of 2022


Mascot Design Contest

MAY 30 | 2022

Learn about the LIFE Pinnarca Mascot Design Contest and find out the results

fondo de botón.jpg

School visits


Students of all ages visit the IMEDMAR-UCV often and learn all about LIFE PINNARCA


Meeting at the Centro de Investigación Marina de Santa Pola (CIMAR) 


Researchers of Universidad de Alicante, Ecologistas en Acción Región Murciana and Universidad de Murcia met this Feb to coordinate their actions in the project


Translocation campaign in France and Italy

FEBRUARY 22 | 2024

IMEDMAR-UCV visited IOPR and UNINA as part of the translocation efforts and tissue sampling from P. nobilis individuals


Visit at the IMEDMAR Calpe marine station (Spain)

JANUARY 12 | 2024

IMEDMAR-UCV welcomed the Valencian Federation of Underwater Activities and Institut d'Ecologia Litoral


Conference "Conservation and Aquaculture: The Noble Pen Shell (Pinna nobilis)"

DECEMBER 18 | 2023

Jose Tena participated in the National Aquaculture Day at the House of Science of the CSIC in Valencia


LIFE PINNARCA at InnovAzul 2022 in Cádiz

DECEMBER 5 | 2023

The IMEDMAR-UCV participated in the 2nd International Meeting on Knowledge and Blue Economy


Discovery of 20 Juvenile Pinna spp. near Calpe

NOVEMBER 23 | 2023

IMEDMAR recovered the collectors and the individuals found will be genetically analysed


Visit from the members of the Universidad Permanente de la Universidad de Alicante

NOVEMBER 4 | 2023

IMEDMAR welcomed them, showcasing their facilities and making them aware of the project


Official LIFE PINNARCA Documentary Premiere

OCTOBER 2 | 2023

Discover all the partners and the work done in the project all over the Mediterranean

RA SMBT pour Pinnarca_pages-to-jpg-0001_

Pinna nobilis report published by the Thau Basin Joint Syndicate (France)

SEPTEMBER 22 | 2023

2022 activity report about the Thau Basin discussing Pinna nobilis status

07-2022_Preserving Thau

Preserving Thau Lagoon: A Natura 2000 Awareness Campaign

JULY 13 | 2023

Join the Syndicat Mixte du Bassin de Thau in their initiative to raise awareness about the lagoon


Study tour in Calpe and Ebro Delta from Croatian partners

JUNE 16 | 2023

Members of the Institute for Environment and Nature from the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development visited Spain


School talks in Murcia

MAY | 2023

Awaking awareness in different high school in Murcia (Spain)


Presentation LIFE PINNARCA Documentary

MAY 11 | 2023

Watch the presentation video of the PINNARCA documentary about to be realised


Presentation on PINNARCA for International Women's Day (8M)

MARCH 8 | 2023

Patricia Prado (IRTA) shared insights from her research on Pinna nobilis on this special day

Foto reunión LIFE_27-1-23(1).jpg

Online 4th Follow-up Meeting

JANUARY 27 | 2023

Held at the end of January of 2023. Overview of the ongoing activities actions in progress


Talk about the fan mussel status in the Balearic Islands

DECEMBER 16 | 2022

With Iris Hendriks (IMEDEA-CSIC), Sandra Espeja (Observadors del Mar), Elvira Alvarez y Maite Vázquez (IEO-CSIC)


IOPR participates in the 2nd Congress of the Mediterranean Arch in Carthage, Tunisia

NOVEMBER 11 | 2022

Nardo Vicente took part in the international congress organized by the Tunisian Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts (Beït al-Hikma)

IOPR xarla_edited.jpg

IOPR presents results of the lagoons of Occitania and Corsica in Corte (France)

OCTOBER 14 | 2022

The Institut océanographique Paul Ricard presented results at the 5e Journées internationales de Limnologie et d'Océanographie


Citizen Science talk

SEPTEMBER 23 | 2022

Learn about the status of the species and how to report still-living individuals if you found one!


“Restoration Programme of Pinna nobilis” Workshop in Tunis

JUNE 20-21 | 2022

Discussing about the work and goals of the project with scientists and representatives of Mediterranean environmental organisations



APRIL 28 | 2022

Official presentation and press meeting of LIFE PINNARCA (LIFE 20-NAT/ES/001265) held in Valencia


Pantalan Salinera Talk


Visit to salt mines to explore the use of the ponds as Pinna nobilis sanctuaries in February of 2022


Online Kick-off Meeting

DECEMBER 16 | 2021

Topics included project management organization of presential meeting, etc.

2024-02-08-avant que la grand necre meure.jpg

"Avant que la Grande Nacre meure" in Agde (France)

FEBRUARY 8 | 2024

Screening of the documentary "Avant que la Grande Nacre meure" organised by the IOPR 

2024-1-10_Seminars Firts PINNARCA_UCV_ed

Advances in Pinna nobilis reproduction in captivity talk 

JANUARY 10 | 2024

Prof. Garcia March discussed Pinna reproduction at Marine Biology & Aquaculture (UNINA) Seminar

2023-12-14_VI Jornadas de investigación del Parque Nacional de Cabrera_edited.jpg

IEO-CSIC participated at the "VI Research sessions of Cabrera National Park"

DECEMBER 14 | 2023

A debate on the recreational uses of national parks was held, accompanied by insights and findings from the LIFE project


Online International Workshop 

NOVEMBER 29 | 2023

Join experts in a workshop on Pinna nobilis conservation and strategies to prevent extinction


Screening 'Avant que la grande nacre meure’ at the 8th edition of Galathea

NOVEMBER 19 | 2023

Discover the International Festival of the Marine World, in Hyères at the Forum du Casino

IMEDMAR- UCV - P.O_edited.jpg

IMEDMAR showcased the documentary to promote noble pen shell conservation

NOVEMBER 2 | 2023

Collaborative presentation of projects and a documentary together with Plastic Oceans Europe


UA raises awareness of the P. nobilis issue at the XV Conference Series «Torrevieja y el Mar» (Spain)

SEPTEMBER 29 | 2023

Yolanda Fernández provided insights into the ongoing project initiatives and developments of LIFE PINNARCA

Xerrada introducció Nacres2_edited.jpg

Pen shell activity at the Delta Birding Festival in Ebro Delta

SEPTEMBER 22 | 2023

Participants visited the Trabucador area accompanied by Barcelona Zoo guides during the DBF2023


Oral presentation at the XXVII Congresso AIOL in Naples

JUNE 28 | 2023

UNINA discussed “Approaching mass mortality events of invertebrates in the marine environment: What do we really know?”


1st Bluewave Experience Symposium

JUNE 12 | 2023

Dissemination of the LIFE PINNARCA project on 12th of June in Barcelona

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-18 at 11_edited.jpg

Conference "Marine conservation: the fan mussel, threatened more than ever" 

MAY 17 | 2023

Held on 17th of May in Girona, with Ignasi Gairin, from IRTA, Spain 

Practiques_UPC_19-04-2023 (2)_edited.jpg

UPC students visited Ebro Delta to learn about the LIFE PINNARCA

APRIL 19 | 2023

Students from bachelor's degree in Marine Technologies explored how IRTA acquires field information in the project


UNIME (Italy) researcher collaborates with the project monitoring the health of Pinna nobilis in the "Capo Peloro" Reserve

FEBRUARY 22 | 2023

Carmelo Iaria will take with particular attention to the organisms present in Lake Faro


Keep reporting Pinna nobilis!

JANUARY | 2023

Report your observation in the Sea Watchers platform if you find fan mussels while diving


Talk about the Pinna nobilis with 'GVAParcsNaturals'


Discussing about Pinna recovery with the ‘Parcs Naturals de la Comunitat Valenciana’ team


Meeting with ‘Albufera Natural Park’ team


For evaluating the possibilities of this natural environment as a possible place of reception for specimens of Pinna nobilis

Poster ICZENGAR_Pinna nobilis-1.png

 OCTOBER 15 | 2022

Presented in the 15th ICZEGAR hosted by the University of the Aegean in Mytilini (Greece)


Online 2nd Technical Meeting


Reviewed overall project and discussed actions, progress, and deliverables


Visit to Castellón (Spain)

JUNE | 2022

Meeting with the Azul Marino Foundation in Valencia


“La nacra més amaneçada que mai” talk

APRIL 6 | 2022

Find out about the status of the Pinna nobilis in the 15th edition of “Tertúlies de Literatura Científica” in the UVic

Xerrada nacres màster UA.png

“Pathogens and conservation of the fan mussel in the Mediterranean” talk

MARCH 3 | 2022

Addressed to master’s degree students of Conservation Ecology at the University of Alicante 


Pre Kick-off Meeting


Held in November of 2021. Topics included starting times and synergies with other LIFE projects, etc.

Future events
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