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Presentation of the "LIFE PINNARCA: Saving a marine species" documentary

"LIFE Pinnarca: Saving a Marine Species" is a documentary highlighting the fan mussel (Pinna nobilis), an endemic bivalve mollusk in the Mediterranean, considered the second largest in the world, reaching up to 1.40 meters (almost five feet) in length and living up to 40 years. The documentary serves as an urgent call to action as this species is on the brink of extinction.

The film focuses on the European project LIFE Pinnarca, led by the Institute of Environmental Research and Marine Sciences at the Catholic University of Valencia (Imedmar-UCV), in collaboration with other European partners. The project aims to address the imminent disappearance of the Pinna nobilis. The documentary, directed by renowned underwater filmmaker Sebastián Hernandis, sheds light on the conservation efforts undertaken across various European countries, including France, Italy, Greece, and Spain.

Hernandis emphasizes the importance of the documentary in showcasing the extensive work carried out within the project and its crucial role in raising awareness. The film features interviews, marine footage, and laboratory scenes, providing an in-depth look at the scientific endeavors and the challenges faced during the research.

Additionally, the documentary highlights the international collaboration within the LIFE Pinnarca project, involving institutions and universities from countries such as Italy, France, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia, Egypt, and Tunisia. The project not only focuses on saving the fan mussel but also advocates for serious conservation and recovery measures for the Mediterranean Sea, addressing the urgent need to protect its marine environment. The documentary premiered at the Centro Cultural Blasco Ibáñez in Moncada, attracting an audience of over 200 people, and is now available on YouTube in English, with a Spanish version soon to be released.

You can find the complete documentary here:


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