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2022 Follow up of the Murcian Region actions in the Mar Menor

This 2022 Ecologistas en Acción’ of Murcian Region has carried out various activities related within the framework of the project, mainly those aiming to raise awareness and dissemination about the target species, Pinna nobilis.

The project focuses on three main lines of action: raising awareness of the critical status of the species and the importance of its protection; collecting all the related information on surviving populations; and developing actions for the restoration and ecological recovery of populations and their habitats.

What has been done?

Thanks to this project, it has been possible to hold several meetings with fishermen, yacht clubs and the student community of the riverside municipalities. Different talks in the high schools have permitted the spread and understanding of the importance and characteristics of the target species, the current problems threatening their survival and what means do we have to collaborate in their protection. In addition, informative materials released to citizenship will allow to have basic information and available tools to notify sightings of new individuals and warn of possible uncivil attitudes.

Who participated?

A total of 185 students have already participated in the informative talks held at the Mar Menor and the Dos Mares high school in the area (see below). The murcian PINNARCA team also visited the fishermen aggrupation of 'San Pedro del Pinatar', as well as the Nautical Club of 'Puerto Tomás Maestre' in 'La Manga del Mar Menor', delivering the leaflets edited specifically for that target audience.

In this link you can find more information related with the work done in the area:


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