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The pen shell threatened by the decline in the influx of freshwater to the Ebro Delta bays

The reduction of freshwater influx into the bays of Fangar and Alfacs (Ebro Delta, Spain) could lead to an increase in the mortality of the Pinna nobilis populations. Currently, the species, which is critically endangered, is already under threat from a parasite that causes the death of many individuals. However, in the Ebro Delta, as they are not in open sea, the disease does not affect them as much as the other parts in the Mediterranean Sea. One of the peculiarities is that the contribution of freshwater from canals and rice fields into the bays is believed to contribute to their survival. Now, with the drought, less freshwater is reaching them. It is believed that this change has already resulted in the detection of the disease in Fangar Bay, which was previously unaffected.


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