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What we've done

2nd monitoring meeting of the LIFE PINNARCA

Follow up meeting of technical and economical aspects with NEEMO representative


Translocation of shallow areas individuals exposed to desiccation to optimal deeper areas

Regrouping of potentially resistant individuals and reallocation of juveniles found in shallow areas in Alfacs Bay


RECUPERA PINNA Project closure talk

On February 6, 2023, the researchers involved discussed the completed project and the targets reached

Foto reunión LIFE_27-1-23(1).jpg

Online 4th Follow-up Meeting

Held at the end of January of 2023. Overview of the ongoing activities actions in progress


Talk about the fan mussel status in the Balearic Islands

With Iris Hendriks (IMEDEA-CSIC), Sandra Espeja (Observadors del Mar), Elvira Alvarez y Maite Vázquez (IEO-CSIC)


“La Nacra en el Mar Menor” talk

Informative talk for fishermen and high schools and dissemination of the project in Murcia


Dialogue table in the 'Oceanogràfic' #lamareadelcambio

Held on 15th December of 2022 in the Oceanogràfic of Valencia


Visit to Greece

Meeting with the Agricultural University of Athens in June of 2022


Mascot Design Contest

Learn about the LIFE Pinnarca Mascot Design Contest and find out the results



Official presentation and press meeting of LIFE PINNARCA (LIFE 20-NAT/ES/001265) held on the 28th of April of 2022 in Valencia


Online Kick-off Meeting

Held in December of 2021. Topics included project management organization of presential meeting, etc.


Presentation LIFE PINNARCA Documentary

Watch the presentation video of the PINNARCA documentary about to be realised

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-27 at 15.05.46.jpeg

Reproduction assays and tank maintenance of healthy individuals

Improvement and maximizing the possibilities of captive reproduction in IMEDMAR-UCV (Calpe, Valencia) and UA installations (Murcia)


Revision of possible emerged P. nobilis at the Alfacs Bay

Search for individuals in risk of death because of low tide and extreme conditions 


Keep reporting Pinna nobilis!

Report your observation in the Sea Watchers platform if you find fan mussels while diving


Implementation of sedimentation fences in Alfacs Bay (Ebro Delta, Spain)

IRTA’s proposal for environmental improvement in fan mussel sanctuary areas (action C.6.)


Meeting with ‘Albufera Natural Park’ team

For evaluating the possibilities of this natural environment as a possible place of reception for specimens of Pinna nobilis


Citizen Science talk

Learn about the status of the species and how to report still-living individuals if you found one!


Visit to Tunez

Workshop 'Restoration Programme of P. nobilis' and discussion about the work and goals of the LIFE PINNARCA Project


“La nacra més amaneçada que mai” talk

Find out about the status of the Pinna nobilis in the 15th edition of “Tertúlies de Literatura Científica” in the UVic

Xerrada nacres màster UA.png

“Pathogens and conservation of the fan mussel in the Mediterranean” talk

Addressed to master’s degree students of Conservation Ecology at the University of Alicante in March 2022


Pre Kick-off Meeting

Held in November of 2021. Topics included starting times and synergies with other LIFE projects, etc.

2023-04-20-Colectors_Torre (2).jpeg

Installation of the larvae collectors to assist successful recruitment

Collectors are being installed before the breeding season to indicate larval availability and potential recruitment in Spain, France, Italy, and Greece


Shallow census in the Fangar Bay

Monitoring of translocated juveniles in the Fangar Bay took place this Februrary 2023

IMG-20230126-WA0006 - còpia.jpg

First follow up of translocated individuals in the 2023  

Monitoring of the 5 selected areas of the Alfacs Bay that have been monthly sampled throughout the 2022


Online 3rd Technical Meeting

Held in January of 2023. Reviewed overall project and discussed 'Location of optimum sites' (action A.2.)


Talk about the Pinna nobilis with 'GVAParcsNaturals'

Discussing about Pinna recovery with the ‘Parcs Naturals de la Comunitat Valenciana’ team

Poster ICZENGAR_Pinna nobilis-1.png

Presented in the 15th ICZEGAR hosted by the University of the Aegean in Mytilini (Greece)


Online 2nd Technical Meeting

Held in September of 2022. Reviewed overall project and discussed actions, progress, and deliverables


Visit to Castellón (Spain)

Meeting with the Azul Marino Foundation in June of 2022

fondo de botón.jpg

School visits

Students of all ages visit the IMEDMAR-UCV often and learn all about LIFE PINNARCA


Pantalan Salinera Talk

Visit to salt mines to explore the use of the ponds as Pinna nobilis sanctuaries in February of 2022

Future events

2nd Monitoring Meeting Schedule in Valencia

12th of May 2023


Conference in Girona in

14th of June 2023

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