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What we are doing
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Installation of the larvae collectors to assist successful recruitment

Collectors are being installed before the breeding season to indicate larval availability and potential recruitment in Spain, France, Italy, and Greece


Shallow census in the Fangar Bay

Monitoring of translocated juveniles in the Fangar Bay took place this Februrary 2023


Implementation of sedimentation fences in Alfacs Bay (Ebro Delta, Spain)

IRTA’s proposal for environmental improvement in fan mussel sanctuary areas (action C.6.)


Translocation of shallow areas individuals exposed to desiccation to optimal deeper areas

Regrouping of potentially resistant individuals and reallocation of juveniles found in shallow areas in Alfacs Bay


Revision of possible emerged P. nobilis at the Alfacs Bay

Search for individuals in risk of death because of low tide and extreme conditions 

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Reproduction assays and tank maintenance of healthy individuals

Improvement and maximizing the possibilities of captive reproduction in IMEDMAR-UCV (Calpe, Valencia) and UA installations (Murcia)

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First follow up of translocated individuals in the 2023  

Monitoring of the 5 selected areas of the Alfacs Bay that have been monthly sampled throughout the 2022

Action Items


Preparatory actions

A1) Planning correction measures

A2) Location of optimum sites

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Conservation Actions

C1) Installation of larvae collectors

C2) Exhaustive shallow census

C3) Deep area census

C4) Translocation of individuals

C5) Comparative genomics

C6) Actions for environmental improvement in sanctuary areas

C7) Tank maintenance of healthy individuals

C8) Treatment assays and analysis

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Monitoring project actions

D1) Follow up of juvenile individuals

D2) Follow up of resistant individuals

D3) Follow up of Mar Menor sanctuary population

D4) Monitoring and evaluation of project actions

D5) Development of socioeconomic impact study

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Public awareness and dissemination of results



Project Management

F1) General project management

F2) Supervision of project development

F3) After LIFE plan

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